For the prayer warrior life I’m slowly but surely allowing others to know is a bigger part of me than I’ve ever let on…

Because I’m no longer bound by the fear of what people might think of me….

Since I am a person yielded to surrender in Christ…

You need to read my character confession.

I can be unbelievably shallow and superficial.  The biggest confession regarding this is I am absolutely feeling pangs of grief because…um…Smallville is ending.

I know, the show on CW about Clark Kent transforming into Superman. I’m telling you now, I’ll absolutely cry when the finale airs.

Character Confession: Lost

I know this because I cried during the first two Superman movies and although Ididn’t love it, I probably did during Superman Returns. I nearly turned down dating my husband because I didn’t want to miss an episode of Lois and Clark. When we created a birthing plan I wrote out that I wanted to give birth with the Superman soundtrack in the background.

So for a pretty intense person, I’m not just superficial, I’m feeling lost. Because of a TV show completing a decade run.

Most people assume I love the Superman genre because I’m a sucker for tall guys with black hair and blue eyes.  Well years ago I would have been the president of that fan club but my husband is about my height with brown eyes and no black hair. I honestly think I’m a sucker for a pioneer story.

You know, someone who has to surrender to something bigger than himself and always make the right choice. Someone that wants so much for people to live free he aches. That he’s booksmart and misunderstood, not very coordinated and a loyal family man.

There is also the veiled references about Superman being a Savior, a son to a father. A hero who saves. Although I’m not on board with that as Clark Kent/Superman made mistakes and chose sinful things, I get it. We’re all looking for a hero.  As the Smallville theme song starts out the lyrics are, “Somebody save me…”

Every day my heart beats for the world to say the same and that if God would choose, that I could point them the way to the real Savior, Jesus Christ.

But one hour, once a week until May I also found entertainment from a show based on a teenager/young man living in Kansas trying to find his place where he is in the world, but not of it.

Going to miss that show…

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