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Wholly Loved

Posted by Julie on June 27, 2017 in About Me, encouragement, God's Word, Guest blogger, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |

It’s been busy yet again, but I have great news!


ENGAGED is available! Right now it’s ready for electronic devices, and the print version will be early July. If you don’t have a Kindle, no worries. Download the free Amazon Kindle app and start reading on your device!

I’ll talk more about ENGAGED this week, but right now I wanted to let you know I share some very transparent and vulnerable thoughts with the Wholly Loved team today. It started with a bird feeder I wanted on Amazon and how I thought about our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Read An Open Invitation (With an Add-On Clause) HERE

I love how Jennifer challenged me to dig deeper with this post, because I had to confront feelings that aren’t quite resolved. From that is coming a beautiful dialogue with readers on the Wholly Loved Facebook page. I hope you will join me there!

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Saturday Confession: Outflanked

Posted by Julie on November 1, 2014 in encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Saturday Confession |

Don’t Forget!

I’m still looking for thankful submissions from YOU! Send me anything from a paragraph to 750 words on why you are thankful. Attach a bio and optional picture and send to me at I’ll publish them throughout November as part of the annual thankful series. Thanks!

From Wikipedia:

If a flanking maneuver succeeds, the opposing force would be surrounded from two or more directions, which significantly reduces the maneuverability of the outflanked force and its ability to defend itself. A psychological advantage may also be present, as the confusion and threat from multiple directions is often problematic for morale.

A few years ago I visited Gettysburg and signed up for the auto tour. I’ve been before but beyond loving American history, I also enjoy having different guides. They always bring something different to the experience. With this guide, he took us to Little Round Top and maneuvered us so he could help us visualize what happened during a key battle. He explained flanking and with just our little family and the guide standing in strategic places, showed us how the regiment was outflanked. They were tired, hungry, low on resources and missing communications.


Although the accuracy and specifics of the battle elude me, I haven’t forgotten the visual of being outflanked. There was vulnerability and loss.

I’m not military, but I can relate.

I’ve been running full tilt all year. Event after event with no time to catch my breath. Add a move. The back-and-forth of international travel to disrupt schedules. Staying up until 2am to catch up on emails and writing.

Tired? Check.

Hungry? Well, for healthy foods, check. I’ve been reaching for the junk because I’m tired.

Missing Communications? Check.

Then people start lining up. Most aren’t “armed,” but their requests, even for my time, catch me off guard. The minority who are armed with criticism that go after me with both barrels?

I’m not just drained.

I’m defeated.

Thankfully the state of America doesn’t rest on my readiness, but my family needs me outfitted for success.

Again, Saturdays are the day I confess. I don’t always have the confession mastered. I know the answers are rest, eating better, regular time in the Bible and “behind the veil” spending time with Jesus—but I’m not quite back on track. I know that makes me vulnerable.

Can you relate to flanking?

Gettysburg image

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