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Unlikely Merger Now Available for Voting

Posted by Julie on June 20, 2015 in About Me, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Writing |

11391536_858579607541022_8504991036842170166_nVote for the Hero!

It’s time to play matchmaker!

One vote per reader, please. Your votes will determine the final chapter of Unlikely Merger, which will be revealed in the Kindle edition releasing on July 1. (It will be FREE for the first five days, so stay tuned!)

Cast your vote, and then tell all your friends!

To catch up on previous chapters and to VOTE, click HERE.

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Unlikely Merger Authors: If I were the CEO…

Posted by Julie on June 12, 2015 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Writing |

Well, the first week of chapters have been released over at Write Integrity. What do you think? If you were Mercy, who would you choose? Remember, more chapters release next week, and then voting begins June 20th. UnIikely Merger releases on Amazon July 1-5 for FREE.11391536_858579607541022_8504991036842170166_n

Here is Chapter FIVE PLUS other posts from the authors.

Friday, June 12

Write Integrity Press: Unlikely Merger Chapter Five

Marji Laine: Really, Daddy?

Carole Towriss: Gabe’s Home Space City USA

Fay Lamb: Meet the Heroes of Unlikely Merger: Gabriel “Gabe” Mann


To celebrate, I’ve been sharing posts from the authors regarding business questions. Today’s question is this:

Imagine you are the CEO of your own company. What’s the name, where would it be located, and what would the company provide?

Here’s my answer—Given Entrusted is based in the Adirondacks, that’s probably where I’d be. I love office supplies and journals so I’d have a little store called Surrendered Scribbles with journals, pens, paper, markers and of course books. My blog was Julie Arduini: The Surrendered Scribe, so that’s where I got the name of my imaginary business.

Carole Towriss:

I have no idea what I would provide, but I think it would have to be on a beach somewhere! How about tacos? That sounds good. Now I’m hungry…

Raelee Carpenter:

All I want to do is write, so that’s what my company would provide: my books and stuff. It would be located somewhere where Trader Joe’s stores pop up every mile or so, and the temperature is 68 degrees Fahrenheit year-round.

Marji Laine

Tough question: Mesc’ (pronounced Messy) Designs would be located in Santa Fe and would use local artisans to create silver one-of-a-kind jewelry with precious and semi-precious stones.

Phee Paradise:

My company would provide training in group processes and teambuilding to small organizations that are not looking for a business model. They could be churches, clubs or youth groups. It would be called Training with Paradise. It would be in Orlando and I don’t think I’d travel much.

Jennifer Hallmark:

I know it’s probably not the best decision financially, but I would like to own a chain of bookstores/coffee shops that encourages its customers and had a special section to promote new authors and self-published authors. Also a way to check out ebooks. A book with hot tea and a fresh baked pastry? What could be better? The first store would be in the nearby town of Moulton and would be called “Lattes in the Reader’s Loft.”

Betty Owens:

My imagination would like to put me someplace like Denver or San Diego. I’d like to help flip houses or stage houses for real estate. I’d call it something fun like DayZDoes or DayZCan.

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Unlikely Merger Authors: The “Madeline” in Our Lives

Posted by Julie on June 11, 2015 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Writing |

How are you enjoying Unlikely Merger so far? Any favorite heroes for Mercy yet? Don’t choose just yet, there are still more chapters to release (or catch up on) at Write Integrity. Remember, voting starts June 20 to choose which hero Mercy should choose. Unlikely Merger will be available on Amazon for FREE July 1-5.

Here is Chapter FOUR plus special posts from the other authors.

Thursday, June 11

Write Integrity Press: Unlikely Merger Chapter Four

Marji Laine: California Dream

Carole Towriss: Ric’s Home America’s Finest City

Fay Lamb: Meet the Heroes of Unlikely Merger: Ric Montoya


To celebrate, I’m taking this week to share thoughts from the authors when it comes to business. Today we talk about a beloved character from Unlikely Merger, Madeline.


Who is your “Madeline” in life? The one who is there with just what you need, gives you a little push when needed, etc… 

I have a few Madelines. My family definitely fits the description. My husband and kids are great at lifting me up when I’m down, reminding me things, and jumping in when they know I’m overwhelmed. I have a prayer team that covers my writing and they are precious to me. I also have friends who fill the gaps for me. I’m not crafty, but my friends are. I’d be lost these Madelines.

Jennifer Hallmark:

Probably my daughter Mandy. She does my hair, helps me with clothes and makeup, and is a cheerleader for me to be all I can be.

Betty Owens:

My husband has always been the closest thing to a “Madeline” in my life. He steps in to help whenever I need it. If it’s writing related, I email Fay Lamb.

Marji Laine

I have 3 Madelines and all of them are my daughters. My precious redhead gives me godly advice. Glamour Girl makes sure I look good when I leave the house, and Spunky keeps me both grounded and encouraged at the same time.

Raelee Carpenter:

I have a couple of them, I think. Louise is the one who talks me into doing crazy things I don’t think I can do, and Ash is the one who makes sure I don’t back out just because I’m nervous.

Phee Paradise:

I don’t think I have a Madeline. My father was my cheerleader and Tracy pushes me in my writing career. In my teaching career, I push myself.

Carole Towriss:

I have a couple girlfriends who do that for me, who know when I need a little push and how far they can push me.

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Unlikely Merger Authors: Business Trips

Posted by Julie on June 10, 2015 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Writing |

All this week and next Write Integrity is releasing chapters from Unlikely Merger. Starting June 20 readers have the opportunity to vote for the hero they want Mercy to choose. Unlikely Merger will be FREE on Kindle July 1-5 with.

Here is Chapter Three PLUS posts from the other authors.

Wednesday, June 10

Write Integrity Press: Unlikely Merger Chapter Three

Marji Laine: For Whom the Sleighbell Tolls

Carole Towriss: Landon’s Home Watkins Glen

Fay Lamb: Meet the Heroes of Unlikely Merger: Landon Gates


I thought I’d take the time here to share business insights from the authors.11391536_858579607541022_8504991036842170166_n

Today’s question is:

When it comes to traveling for work you’d say you would be…

1. Great at it

2. I could do it for awhile

3. I’d be a terrible traveler

Raelee Carpenter:

I wouldn’t mind doing some traveling, but I like my home time, too. A balance would be best for me.

As for me, I guess it would depend on the job. I’m a terrible corporate person and wouldn’t travel well. However, if it was writing related, it would be hard but I could do some. My husband travels a little for work so I’m not angling to hit the road full time.

Phee Paradise:

I could travel for work if I loved the work and had time to do a little sight seeing. But I’m not crazy about flying so I’d rather take a train or have my husband drive me. I wouldn’t want to do it for too long

Jennifer Hallmark:

I have to admit I’d be a terrible traveler. I don’t like airplanes and I tend to get car sick. But I am persistent, so if I had to travel, I’d just set my mind to it, find some Dramamine and go. 🙂

Betty Owens:

I think it would be great to do it for a while. I think I’d get tired of it, but I do love to travel, and I love to explore new places.

Carole Towriss:

I’d be a terrible traveler! I love my home and my bed, and I hate meeting new people. I am the biggest introvert!

Marji Laine

I’m not an enthusiastic traveler, but any time it comes up – especially for work situations – I’m quite content with it. I think I could do it for a while, but it would drain me.

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Unlikely Merger Authors: If We Could Have Been Part of a Company Merger it Would Have Been…

Posted by Julie on June 9, 2015 in About Me, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, Writing |

All this week and next chapters from Unlikely Merger are being released at Write Integrity. We invite you to read the chapters, tell others. Starting June 20, readers have the chance to vote on what hero they want Mercy to choose. Then, from July 1-5, Unlikely Merger with the ending readers chose, will be available for FREE.

Here is Chapter Two PLUS other special posts from the other authors.

Tuesday, June 9

Write Integrity Press: Unlikely Merger Chapter Two

Marji Laine:  Human Icicle

Carole Towriss: Dustin’s Detour Bellview Texas

Betty Thomason Owens: Unlikely Merger in Progre

Jennifer Hallmark: Sacred Journeys by Carole Towriss

Fay Lamb:  Meet the Heroes of Unlikely Merger: Dustin Rogers



To celebrate, this week I’m sharing posts from the authors about business related things.

Today’s topic is:

If you could be present at any merger or business reveal from the past, what would it have been?


Our custom made Hershey bars.

I’ve been to Hershey, Pennsylvania a couple times and I confess, I’ve tried to place myself there when the chocolate factory started. Can you imagine?

Marji Laine

I would have loved to have been in on the first personal computer reveal. Back in the mid-seventies, my best friend’s dad designed a gaming computer and we played chess on it. Not sure who he worked for, but he was instrumental in the pc revolution according to her.

Carole Towriss:

Oh…I don’t know…maybe Coca-Cola? Does that mean I get stock options?

Jennifer Hallmark:

Project Gutenberg was started in 1971 by Michael Hart at the University of Illinois with the aim of establishing an electronic public library of 10,000 books. It would’ve been amazing to see the concept being explored at this early stage.

Betty Owens:

The highly successful merger of Disney/Pixar would be fun! Of course they are always a lot of work, but it would be interesting to see what they did right to make this such a successful venture.

Raelee Carptenter:

Man, if I could have bought a few shares of Microsoft at the IPO, I’d have retired years ago!

Phee Paradise:

If I could be present at any business reveal in the past I’d like to be at Hobby Lobby. I love crafts and it would have been great to hear a Christian reveal how he would run a business to the glory of God.

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Unlikely Merger: Authors Share their Corporate Experiences

Posted by Julie on June 8, 2015 in About Me, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |

Today’s the day! Hop on over to Write Integrity to read the first chapter in Unlikely Merger. We’re releasing a chapter a day and starting June 20, you vote for the hero you want to see win Mercy’s heart. Mercy was one of the women from The Love Boat Bachelor. Now we get to see her back at work on assignment, courtesy of her Dad and Uncle Thomas.

Once the ending is completed Unlikely Merger will be available on Kindle July 1-5 for FREE!11391536_858579607541022_8504991036842170166_n

Can you tell we’re excited?

Here’s how to find Chapter One plus other special posts from the authors.

Monday, June 8

Write Integrity Press: Chapter One

Marji Laine:  New Job, New Direction

Julie Arduini: Unlikely Merger Authors Share Their Corporate Experiences

Betty Thomason Owens: Introduction to Unlikely Merger

Carole Towriss: Mercy’s Home The Mile High City

            Fay Lamb: Unlikely Merger: Behind the Scenes of the Newest Write Integrity Press Multi-Author Novella


I thought I’d join the fun by asking the authors if they ever worked for a corporation and what was the experience like. Mercy wants to please her father and they are a family that keeps Christ first, even above work. That’s not every experience…

Like mine.

I was a temp employee for a corporation that is no longer around where I used to live. At the time the future’s company was shaky and there were a lot of temp workers. I was hired to work in the corporate offices and I was privvy to some of the news that affected the company.

For example, my boss was in the know on what temps were staying or being let go. She said to motivate the factory workers because they weren’t true employees of the company they would tell them that if they did well, they would be hired permanently and receive benefits. Then, when their contract was near up, they would wait until they knew they’d get voicemail and call to announce they were done. The company saved money because they didn’t need benefits. The worker was crushed because most were family men who were depending on that job.

I felt sick when I heard this and even sicker when I walked in the very group calling—my voicemail to tell me I was done. I was single and already had a job so I was happy to leave. But for those families, that bothered me so much.

My other experience was the corporate divide. Because I worked in the Communication Office my boss felt I was white collar and that I should be untouchable to anyone she considered blue collar. Thing was, I had one friend, my dear friend’s husband, who worked in the factory. He was so kind to me and we enjoyed eating lunch together. The boss found out and reminded me I was to associate with my own kind. I ignored her.

I learned fast from that job I was not created for that kind of lifestyle. My husband works in the corporate world and although there are a lot of deadlines and pressure, they seem to treat each other well and care for another.  As for me, I’m happy to be on the sidelines and cheer him on.

Here’s what the other Unlikely Merger authors said about their corporate experience:

Raelee Carptenter:

I have, and it was great for quite a well. When the economy went bad, things got a little too cutthroat for my tastes. I’m a lover, not a fighter. *winks*

Betty Owens:

I worked for an engineering firm that was officially a corporation, though not a large one. They bought and merged with our smaller company. I appreciated the new depth of knowledge they brought in, along with the excellent benefits and the raise in pay.

Jennifer Hallmark:

I’ve never worked directly for a corporation, but as chicken farmers, we were part of the Pilgrim’s Pride team. They supplied the chicks and food. We supplied the houses, water, light, heat, fans, etc. We made a good team for twenty years.

Carole Towriss:

I worked for Burger King and Jack-in-the-Box when I was in college, and I worked for a bank for a few years. (Other than that I’ve only worked for schools and churches.) The restaurants, though part of huge corporations, were of course locally owned franchises and quite nice to work in. The bank was also a single branch, family owned, but they played favorites (by department) quite a lot, and the atmosphere wasn’t quite as friendly.

Marji Laine:

Sure, Mary Kay and Close to My Heart, but I was a home office consultant for both.

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