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A Child’s Life of Christ by Katheryn Maddox Haddad

Posted by Julie on September 1, 2017 in encouragement, God's Word, Guest blogger, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |

A Child’s Life of Christ: STAR SONG

Storybook #1 in Series THEY MET JESUS



It is September and time to think about school. If you home school your children, this series would be perfect for you. If you are a grandmother, you could keep a set in your home for when the young ones come to spend the night.

These story books have the same covers as the grown-up books. The type is much larger and more lively. Each chapter has a good work suggestion for the child.

Book 1 is entirely the Christmas story with Mary Joseph, the shepherds, the wise men, and everyone else. Here is a sample from chapter one.

1 ~ MARY


Mary was a teenager who loved little children just like you, and grownups just like those who live in your home. She also loved God.


People didn’t have refrigerators back then. So, every morning Mary walked to the market to buy groceries so she could help her mother fix meals for the family.


But sometimes when she did, she saw people walking with canes because their legs hurt, or people coughing because they had a cold.


Sometimes she saw children fighting each other or grownups arguing.


Sometimes she saw foreign soldiers who controlled her country. They wore weapons at their side. Sometimes they took people to jail and made them very sad.


It bothered Mary that bad things sometimes happened to people. But she knew she couldn’t do anything about it because she was too young.


So Mary prayed that God would do something about it. God made the world and all little children and grownups. He loved everyone, so he could help.


One day when Mary was alone, an angel suddenly appeared to her. His name was Gabriel. Can you say Gabriel? He was smiling.


Gabriel had wonderful news for her. She was going to have a baby ~ God’s own Son whom he was sending to live with us. Then God’s Son could help us.


Mary was to name this baby JESUS. He would start a new kingdom of peace that everyone who wanted to could live in.


This kingdom would start on earth. But some day everyone in his kingdom would be taken to heaven to live forever with God himself. Then there would be no more suffering and sadness.


 Mary had always thought she was too young to help people. She found out she could help after all through her baby by taking good care of him.






  1. Every boy and girl can help others, no matter how young they are. Is there something you can do today to help someone who is hurting in their mind or their body?


You will make them smile. You will make God smile. You, too, will smile.

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