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Book Review: The Day She Died by Bill Garrison

Posted by Julie on December 10, 2014 in Book Review, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |

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Book Description:

A mystery. In this clean time-travel whodunit, a middle-aged coffee-shop owner always wondered what his life would have been like if he’d stayed in town the day his college fiancee disappeared, the victim of an unsolved crime.

One morning he wakes up 20 years earlier and finds himself a student at the University of Oklahoma again on the day she died. In a journey that takes months, he stumbles over people connected to Kim’s disappearance and puzzles over connecting the dots.

Oddly enough, things are different when he relives sections of his life. For example, as a teen he plays baseball and as an adult he discovers what it’s like to be a Christian pastor, things he never did before.

Can he find some answers about Kim and about his own life? Or prevent Kim’s death? And if he succeeds in changing history, what happens to his wife and kids?


I’ll admit, when I learn a book contains time travel, I’m skeptical. Flashback scenes are difficult to write and very few authors do it well. Then when I read that the book is the first from the author, I’m not sure at all.

The Day She Died and Bill Garrison proved me wrong. This time travel mystery and romance is told well, flashbacks and all. I was able to keep track of the characters and the time frame. I loved that I truly didn’t know “the bad person” until the reveal, because I usually guess and am right. The Day She Died was full of surprises but they all made sense for the plot. The author didn’t have to make it work. He told the story well enough he didn’t have to force it.

I also enjoyed the references to the teen and college/young adult years. I was that age then and those were the movies I was going to. The author made these things authentic. I especially appreciate that it’s “clean,” no profanity. Mysteries don’t have to be profane, and I liked that The Day She Died isn’t.

If you’re a mystery and/or romance fan, you’re going to enjoy this story.

To purchase The Day She Died, click here.

I received a copy in exchange for an honest review.



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My Adventures in Odyssey Confession

Posted by Julie on July 2, 2014 in About Me, Book Review, God's Word, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons |


I have a confession to make.

I’m in my 40’s and I love Adventures in Odyssey.

My favorite episodes?

When they time travel.

As a history buff, I love how history comes alive through my speakers when someone in the gang ends up in a place and time I can usually only read about. The character is placed in the event and sees firsthand what the event was about and why it is important. There’s always a lesson for the character. And of course with Adventures in Odyssey, it’s Biblical.

The Odyssey Adventure Club is geared for families with kids ages 8-12, but don’t let that stop you. As a member (because I’ve agreed to blog/review the site) this is what I have access to:

Your Membership Includes …

Unlimited streaming of Adventures in Odyssey Library (740+ episodes) retail value over $1,500
New monthly exclusives episodes
Monthly web quests
Clubhouse magazine subscription
Daily Devotions based on Adventures in Odyssey episodes
OAC exclusive blog posts
OAC Monthly Member Newsletter
OAC exclusive video stories
Other Odyssey content (Last Chance Detectives and More!)

I’m not only searching for and enjoying the episodes with the Imagination Station, I’m reading daily devotions from the site. Sometimes they are my own devotion time, not just what I do with my youngest. I’ve worked through the monthly adventure, mission based episodes and themes that highlight a ministry and/or organization that helps others and shares Jesus throughout the world.

Whether you’re a fan because of Whit, Connie, Eugene, those Rathbones, the time travel, or something else, this is a great opportunity to enjoy everything Adventures in Odyssey while growing closer to your family and Christ.

Learn more here.

I’m part of the team blogging about the Odyssey Adventure Club. I received a trial membership to OAC in return for promoting the club through social media.

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