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Entrusted on the Internet

Posted by Julie on January 14, 2015 in About Me, Book Review, Julie Arduini |

Entrusted FRONT Cover_edited

It’s been a blessing to not only have Entrusted out for the public to find, but for colleagues to share it. Entrusted has been a few places lately, and I thought you might like to visit those places and leave a comment.

As always, I have a link for all the places that featured Entrusted on my books page.

Thanks to Fay Lamb at Inner Source:

Jenna Anderson Character Interview

Julie Arduini Interview


Thanks to Peggy Blann Phifer at Peg’s Bookshelf:

Character Interview

Thanks to Novel Reviews:

Review of Entrusted

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Entrusted: Interview with Kyle Swarthmore

Posted by Julie on December 20, 2014 in About Me, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

This week I’ve had fun interviewing the characters from my Adirondack romance, Entrusted. Today you have the opportunity to meet bad-boy Kyle Swarthmore.

Entrusted FRONT Cover_editedKyle, did you grow up in Speculator Falls? What’s the connection?

I visited every weekend during summers. My dad bought a summer home outside Speculator Falls.

Do you call Speculator Falls home?

Yes. Well, during the week I stay in Newark. But lately I’ve been working on acquiring some Adirondack property so I’ve stayed in the summer home. I’m not sure.

Who’s your hero?

My dad. He had nothing and built something of an empire. I love following in his footsteps.

Some Adirondack property isn’t for sale.

Everything’s for sale if the price is right. Do you mean that little grocery store, JB’s?

You and Ben don’t get along, do you?

Ben’s a bit uptight. He doesn’t think I’m a true resident. He’s nervous I’ll take his property because I’ve done it before.


Trish Maxwell was his high school sweetheart. He was certain they’d marry. But they were on-off and when off, I pursued her. Then she up and left for New York City. He was devastated.

What do you think about Jenna Anderson?

I think her many talents are wasted here. She’s a good businesswoman. What she sees in Ben boggles the mind.

What about romance in your life, Kyle?

No time. Father has an ambitious plan and I’m going to fulfill it. Or else.

Get to know Kyle and all of the friends in Speculator Falls by purchasing Entrusted here.

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Entrusted: Interview with Sara Bivins

Posted by Julie on December 19, 2014 in About Me, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

This week I’m interviewing characters from Entrusted to give readers a better chance to get to know the characters.  Today I interview Sara Bivins, matriarch of Speculator Falls and Ben Regan’s feisty grandmother.

Entrusted FRONT Cover_editedSara, describe Speculator Falls to me.

Peaceful. Quaint. Good people. Family.

Like Jenna, you didn’t grow up there. What drew you to the Adirondacks?

God’s leading and my late husband, John. We met at a conference and it was instant. I left my city life to marry him and follow him to Speculator Falls. Together we built JB’s grocery store and raised our girls. 

I heard that you went behind the council and placed an ad to re open the senior center, hiring Jenna after one phone interview.

Guilty as charged. I know my grandson Ben is on the council and that he was the driving force behind closing the center. But, I know a good thing when I see it. The center is a necessary part of the area. And Jenna’s the best one for the job.

Did you also give Jenna your late husband’s vehicle?

I did. She needed a sturdy winter vehicle and I had one sitting in my driveway collecting dust. I know Ben was upset to see the truck all over town again, but he got over it.

Is it hard seeing reminders of your husband’s handiwork everywhere? It certainly seems to be a struggle for your grandson.

It was difficult at first but then I realized the store, our hunting cabin, Ben’s home, the truck—they are all comforting. Just as John was. Next to Jesus, he was my rock. I miss him so much but I have the promise that I’ll see him again.

Does Jenna remind you of you? You both seem to have similar backgrounds.

I definitely see some similarities. That girl belongs in Speculator Falls. I can’t wait until she figures that out.

Want to learn more about Sara and the rest of the friends you’ll meet in Entrusted?

Click here.

Don’t forget to purchase here.

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Entrusted: My Interview with Carla Rowling

Posted by Julie on December 18, 2014 in About Me, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

All this week I’m interviewing characters from my contemporary romance, Entrusted.  Today we meet the first person who finds Jenna in Speculator Falls, sheriff Carla Rowling.

Entrusted FRONT Cover_editedHow did you meet Jenna Anderson?

By accident, literally. Dispatch told me someone ran over a flower box on Route 8. I went to the scene and it was Jenna who created the property damage. She was relying on her GPS to get her to her new home, and it wasn’t cooperating in the mountains.

If you don’t mind me saying, you don’t really look like a sheriff. How did you become interested?

At the time I needed steady income to support my little boy and I did well on the tests. The rest is history.

I sense law enforcement isn’t your passion. What is?

My son, Noah. He’s everything. I also enjoy dabbling in cutting hair.

You look young to be a mom.

I was a teen mom. I’m not proud of it but I think I’ve provided Noah with a good home full of love.

Speaking of love, is there anyone in your life?

My son, Noah.

Jenna mentioned that Will Marshall seems to find excuses to spend time with you.

I’ve known Will forever. He’s a good guy.

Ben revealed that the paramedic that treated his grandmother was Noah’s father.

He did. I thought Wayne was going to continue to live and work at a distance but he’s in Speculator Falls. 

You seem to give just the facts. You don’t want to say anything else about love?

I love Noah. Any other questions?

Is your story next?

Yes. Entangled is my story. You’ll still read about Ben, Jenna and the others, but it’s definitely my story.

To learn more about the people of Entrusted and purchase, click here.

Entrusted is on Pinterest. Check it out!




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Julie Arduini Interviews Ben Regan from Entrusted

Posted by Julie on December 17, 2014 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender |

Entrusted FRONT Cover_editedJulie Arduini Interviews Ben Regan from Entrusted

One thing authors need to do to craft a quality story is know their characters. One technique is through interview. I thought I’d introduce you to the hero from Entrusted, grocer and town councilman Ben Regan.

Ben, tell the readers a little bit about yourself.

I co own and manage the only grocery store within thirty miles, JB’s. It’s a store my late grandfather, John Bivins, built and ran with my grandmother, Sara. I also am a member of the council. I live on top of Panther Mountain in a log cabin home I built with my grandfather before he got sick.


You don’t seem to be a fan of the senior center. Why is that?

I think it’s easier for Speculator Falls if it is closed. It’s a venue to put sick and dying people on display. It’s too hard.


That seems more like an emotional opinion than a business decision.

The building is old and in need of updating. It should be closed.


Your own grandmother went behind your back and posted the senior center director job, which brought Jenna Anderson to town. How do you feel about her moving here to bring new life to the center?

I’m not happy with Grandmother but there isn’t much I can do. I’m sure Jenna has great ideas but no one could save that place. Did I mention the senior center should close?


Didn’t your former girlfriend, Trish Maxwell, run the center before she left for New York City?

She did. Your point?


Let’s switch gears. Tell us about the people of Speculator Falls.

Sure. There’s my grandmother. She’s a spitfire, and the martriarch of the village. Carla is the sheriff but she loves to play with people’s hair. Noah is her son. He helps me out in the store. Will Marshall is the delivery truck driver and I think he has a crush on Carla. Then there’s Pastor Craig and Brooke…


What about Kyle Swarthmore?

What about him? He’s not a real Speculator Falls resident. He only comes weekends. He doesn’t belong.


Apart from your thoughts about the senior center, tell us about Jenna.

Well, she’s fun. Energetic. It’s probably from all the mocha she makes. Her attitude is contagious. I can see why the seniors love her.


Could there be a romance here?

With Jenna? As hard as I try not to think about her, it’s hard to shake her. We make a good team in a lot of ways. But, we’re too different. And, I’ve been shattered before with loss and change. I can’t go through that again.


You’re a tough customer Ben Regan.

It’s the best way. Speaking of customer, JB’s is having a special on ground beef this week. Check it out!


Okay, well on that note, I’ll let you go.

Sounds good. Take care.


To learn more about the people of Speculator Falls and purchase Entrusted, click here.

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Entrusted: My Interview with Heroine Jenna Anderson

Posted by Julie on December 15, 2014 in About Me, encouragement, Julie Arduini, Life Lessons, surrender, Writing |

This week I’m featuring interviews with the characters from my debut romance, Entrusted. If you need a stocking stuffer for the reader in your life, I hope meeting these fun characters will encourage you to purchase this Adirondack surrender read.

Entrusted starts out with you getting in a bit of trouble. Is that what you’re about, Jenna?

Entrusted FRONT Cover_editedNot really. I think a more accurate statement is I find myself in unusual predicaments. Often. I still say that my little incident was all my GPS. Not me.

You spent most of your life in Youngstown, Ohio. What made you leave the area for the mountains?

I spent most of my childhood with an elderly neighbor who was a dear friend. Florence Owens made me promise before she passed away that I would live life to the fullest. After her death I looked around and realized my job didn’t leave room for advancement. I needed change. I found an ad in a rural magazine about a job opening and I called. When the call ended, I had a new job in Speculator Falls, NY.

One of the first people you meet is Carla Rowling. Tell us about her.

I was scared of her at first because she was meeting me on official business as the sheriff, but I quickly realized she was going to be a great friend. She’s warm, funny, sensitive and a great mom to Noah.

You seem to worry about not belonging, yet Pastor Reynolds comes to you for advice. How did that make you feel?

Honored. He’s a respected man in the community and I don’t think what I did by moving to Speculator Falls was that inspirational. And given how Ben reminds me at every chance that I’m not from the area, I’m sure there were better people to talk to than me. But I’m happy he chose me.

Speaking of Ben Regan, tell me about him.

Well, the first meeting didn’t go well. Nor did the second or probably the third. But once I realized it wasn’t so much personal against me but protecting himself from further hurt, he was easier to take. And those muscles from stocking shelves, that’s a perk to visiting JB’s. Ben also has the richest brown eyes. Like chocolate.

What’s your favorite part of your job?

Interacting with the senior citizens. They are wonderful people and I’ve learned a lot from them. At my old job in Ohio I didn’t have a lot of direct and consistent contact with them. I’m building deep relationships with everyone at the senior center and I love it.

What do you love about Speculator Falls?

That it’s like family here. The smells. I can’t begin to describe how wonderful it smells outside. The pine and air is so pure and fresh. Sara Bivins took me to the hunting cabin and showed me the journal everyone signs when they visit. That’s a precious memory for me.

What’s your biggest challenge?

I have a few. The senior center needs updating and that costs money. Ben is on the council and he’s definitely not rooting for the center to make it. Quite the opposite, actually. Howard Wheaton is a senior who is a bit grumpy with me, but I think he’s a teddy bear. Kyle Swarthmore is a mogul from New Jersey who has a summer home in the area. He’s nice to me, but I think he has an agenda. I’m on a campaign to have the food service to realize that a dessert is not a fruit cup. It’s chocolate. And, I’m homesick. I miss my parents and sister.

Jenna, thanks for sharing today. I think readers got a great glimpse of you and Speculator Falls.

Great! I hope readers take a chance on us and purchase Entrusted today.

This interview first published at Inspy Romance.

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