It’s time to announce the winner of the Passion: Salvation’s Tide is Rising CD. This was fun. For one, you all were kind enough to leave comments. Yay, you!

If you want me to keep doing giveaways (I’m often asked and usually decline for lack of interest,) leave a comment so I know you’re paying attention. Thank you!

My thanks to this judge for picking the CD winner!
My thanks to this judge for picking the CD winner!

My alarm went off at 12pm EST and with that, our youngest was the only kid in the house. I asked her to pray and choose the one she felt deserved the CD, and I read them aloud, NOT telling her any names. So this was a fair pick because she had no idea that in “real life,” she truly knew the winner.

With that, congratulations to SUMMER! She will receive the CD!

Didn’t win? I can tell you she was torn between three. I have another chance for you to win this month. I will have a chocolate giveaway announced in my February Julie Arduini: Surrender Issues and Chocolate newsletter announcing the person who won simply by subscribing to my new weekly encouragement, Sunday’s Surrender and Chocolate. This is a quick email I send on Sundays so YOU start your week with an uplifting message that always mentions chocolate.

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2 Thoughts to “CD Winner + Chocolate Reminder”

  1. I’m happy for Summer! I would definitely trust that girl of yours to make the best choice. 🙂

  2. Summer

    Thanks so much! I never win anything (probably because I don’t usually enter) and this was a pleasant surprise. Can’t wait to be blessed by this cd!

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